Catch 22 Album Release

Shawna Ray is releasing her new album, Catch 22 on 2-22-2020
Catch 22 Album cover
featuring artwork
Everywhere, by Australian artist Loui Jover
  1. Gps For Love Shawna Hansen Buy 3:23
  2. Catch 22 Shawna Ray Buy 3:06
  3. Birthdays Shawna Hansen Buy 2:48
  4. Mustang Shawna Hansen Buy 3:10
  5. Could've Been Shawna Ray Buy 3:12
  6. Coming Of Age Shawna Ray Buy 3:28
  7. Good Wolf Shawna Ray Buy 4:09
  8. The Way You Look At Me Shawna Hansen Buy 3:30


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Shawna Ray is releasing her new album, Catch 22 on 2-22-2020 with a jazzy title track, Catch 22, an honest anthem in Birthdays, a tell him off blues rock Could’ve Been and a touching anthem written to her kids in Coming of Age, adding to the first single, GPS for Love that released 1-11-2020. Lead singer in the Rhythm Ray Band, Shawna shares original music with a mix of pop rock, neo soul, jazz, blues and jam band styles. Catching up after ten years since Shawna’s debut album, OPEN released in 2010 with songs including: Butterfly, Breakthrough and Mom (Picture of Love).

Shawna’s real and raw narrative nonfiction novel, “Releasing the Catch-22” will also share the stories behind 22 songs that will be released in chapters while seeking major publishing. Shawna will share the first two chapters on her blog and other e-story sites on 2-22-2020 as the album releases. Author of children’s book “Take a Trip to Diverse City” Shawna encourages acceptance and appreciation of cultural differences.

Currently living in Nashville, TN – from Columbus, OH, Shawna is an advocate for unity, women’s rights, holistic health and animals. She wrote the song Good Wolf in support of the Wolf Conservation Center in Salem, NY and they will be using the song for a video and various fundraisers to support climate control efforts and wildlife conservation. With two decades of experience as a Public Relations professional, Shawna has worked with various organizations as an event and communications director. She earned her BA in Communications specializing in Public Relations from Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. Now is her time to finally pursue her passion, sharing her music and books with the world.

“Catch-22” lyrics:

Now releasing the catch twenty-two

From the time when you lost sight of you

Every day we wake up and we choose

To be new, twenty-two

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