ReleaSING the Catch 22 book coverReleasing the Catch-22 –  Link to read the first two chapters of Shawna’s new narrative nonfiction novel about getting unstuck, fighting fear, crawling out of past pits and looking for the funny while rewriting the ending to your story – at any age. We invite you to join the journey as a member of the Ray Team and make her songs your own by registering to cover a song and submit your story.

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In honor of National Literacy Month and celebrating 10 years of Take a Trip to Diverse City,  FREE download of the original, children’s book – so you can read it to your little ones today. 

Diverse City

Shawna’s first children’s book inspired by her son Zach and his friend Jacob when they were in first grade. “I wanted to provide a teachable resource for schools that encourages kids to embrace and celebrate their differences while understanding how we are all connected as ONE.” The original book was self-published through Winters Press in 2007 and Shawna started her own publishing company, Rhythm Ray Inc. with the help of investors in January 2008 to release a special edition of Diverse City with Motown boy band, B5, including a CD with narration and the book in song.